Turnkey support. Faster resolution. High member satisfaction.

Our Mission

Electric cooperatives have unmatched commitment to their members providing accessible, affordable and reliable service. That same commitment holds true with cooperative-built fiber-to-the-home networks. We can help you deliver on that commitment.

Conexon’s Network Engineering and Technical Support Call Center, the only one of its kind, offers co-ops complete fiber network support and service delivered by experienced network engineers. Our services – designed for co-ops by co-op veterans – will enable you to offer members an unmatched level of customer support, service and troubleshooting.

Designed Exclusively for Co-ops, by Co-op Veterans

Our network operations and call center team of veterans has years of experience building call centers from the ground up and successfully operating networks for electric co-ops. Conexon’s level of support allows you to confidently enter the complex broadband marketplace without having to staff highly technical engineering positions.

In short, there is no other call center today better equipped to serve as your network engineering staff, or as an extension of it.

“We knew when we started the FTTH project, we didn’t have the personnel or expertise needed to support our members”

A Simpson

“Finding a partner who would treat our members with the same level of service they’ve come to expect from the electric side was the top priority. It was no secret that Conexon had the technical expertise and history of building first-class FTTH projects, and the team there has proven itself able to treat our members as its own.”

WAVE Rural Connect

Al Simpson
CEO of Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative and subsidiary WAVE Rural Connect

Conexon’s Call Center has proven to be a very valuable extension of our team

Sean Vanslyke

“Conexon treats our subscribers like we expect in the cooperative world. We have high expectations. Our first attempt with another call center didn’t work so we switched to Conexon. Our partnership will help us grow and retain our existing subscribers.”

gosemo logo

Sean Vanslyke
CEO, GoSEMO Electric Cooperative and GoSEMO Fiber
Training for Fiber Support

Our Focus

  • We offer technical support, not an answering service, which means faster, less frustrating issue resolution for your customer and fewer expensive truck rolls for the co-op.
  • We support only cooperative-built, fiber-to-the-home networks, which allows our engineers and technicians to focus their expertise and efforts on the issues that are unique to fiber networks. Other companies try to support technologies – fixed wireless, cable modems, DSL, etc. – which limits their ability to develop and offer the specific expertise your co-op needs.
  • Our technical support solution is integrated with your network, which gives the support team visibility and an understanding of what’s happening with the entire network.
  • Our advanced network monitoring can find small issues before they become major problems.
  • Our network support embodies the co-op culture and implements and practices the seven co-op principles.

Conexon’s expertise allows us to offer the highest level of support for your fiber network, from design to total offsite management and monitoring. We can serve as your engineering team or we can complement the resources that you may have in place.

Our Unmatched Support

Conexon offers robust technical support to troubleshoot, identify and isolate issues, determine outages, dispatch technicians if needed, quickly and effectively resolve subscriber issues, and more. Our advanced network integration allows us full visibility inside your network down to the subscriber level, which equips our support team to solve issues at the deepest level, increasing overall customer satisfaction.

  • Turnkey support from answering the phone to working with your equipment vendor
  • Our system provides you with direct access to tickets, call recordings, customizable reports to track trends and resolution times
  • Service level agreements backed by call answer, handle, and abandonment reporting metrics
  • Electric Cooperative-branded toll-free numbers, and tailored messaging and calls answered with co-op business name by highly skilled and experienced representatives
  • Ability to determine if there is a substantial outage and quickly dispatch technicians to resolve the issue.
  • Remote access into Calix Cloud for troubleshooting gateways and WiFi service down to subscriber devices
  • Seamless integration with network, engineering and NOC services when complete package is implemented.

We listened to our electric cooperative clients

Andy Burger

We listened to our electric cooperative clients and realized the need for a call center capable of handling calls quickly the first time. Traditional call centers are set up to support multiple technologies, which limits their expertise and ability to truly understand the specific nuances of fiber. We work only with electric cooperatives building fiber-to-the-home, which allows us to understand exactly what you need.

Andy Burger
Conexon-VP of Operations

Electric co-ops are often dependent on third-party call centers

Randy Klindt

Electric co-ops are often dependent on third-party call centers that don’t understand the nature of their business, and often can’t go beyond answering a call. We have a staff of veteran engineers who have built fiber networks and call centers for over a decade and possess the specific expertise for efficient resolution, while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Randy Klindt
Conexon Partner

Advanced NOC and Technical Support Services

Conexon can serve as your engineering team, or we can complement the resources that you may have in place. Our Network Operating Center (NOC) offers:

  • Centralized logging and individual alerting with intuitive dashboards
  • Network design based on redundancy, resiliency, and scalability
  • On-site installation and configuration available
  • Router configuration for all three services (data, voice, and video) including interop testing with access equipment with all three services
  • Substation building environment monitoring
  • Quick turn-up of new clients/buildings
  • Branded member self-help portal
  • Seamless integration with Call Center Support when the complete package is selected
  • Provide support for outside personnel during outage situations, including supporting splicers
  • Outage management and prediction and report of outage times monthly, by subscriber and cause