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Marketing Done Different.

Conexon leverages extensive telecom experience and unmatched expertise in FTTH network deployment to offer a comprehensive array of marketing and operating solutions that fuel the success of electric cooperatives deploying fiber broadband.

Marketing makes the difference. From branding and web development to best-practice oriented communications, break-through creative and expert advice, Conexon Marketing Services provide you with the tools and resources to effectively market your FTTH network.

For partners going beyond the basics, Conexon also provides commercial sales consultation services and voice and regulatory support, giving you the edge when navigating unique challenges and niche markets.

"For Cookson Hills’ board and employees, broadband is not a new concept. However, learning to build a broadband program from the ground up is a new concept. Conexon has proven to us that its marketing team has experience and expertise that our team can draw from. Instead of jumping in head first, we are utilizing this opportunity to learn from Conexon’s team, which will help us become more knowledgeable in this field. This collaboration will also allow us to become stronger to better assist our future customers when they need us the most."

Headshot of Juli Orme from Cookson Hills.
Juli Orme General Manager, Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative
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Targeted Marketing That Gets Results – Fast!

Conexon offers co-ops a combination of electric co-op, broadband and overall marketing and communications knowledge and expertise. The team possesses decades of telecommunications marketing, strategic communications and FTTH deployment experience, delivering end-to-end consultative and operational solutions for electric cooperatives deploying fiber.

Conexon’s Marketing Services portfolio includes dedicated account management, co-op support communications, social media management, video services, branding, design and website development, and co-op-centric customizable assets from the Conexon Marketing Hub creative repository.

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Graphic Design

At Conexon, we’ve honed the art of creating custom content that fuels the success of our partner cooperatives.

The Conexon Marketing Hub is a proprietary creative repository with marketing collateral and resources specifically designed for cooperatives and fully customizable to your brand identity.

Our resources help your business thrive.

  • Ready-to-use graphics: Extensive library of pre-made graphics, ready to be personalized to your cooperative brand and identity.
  • Customizable templates: Digital and print content provide a foundation for your messaging, making it easy to align with your goals.
  • Swift turnaround: Quick content creation prioritized to ensure you can launch your campaigns promptly.
  • Engaging content: Diverse content options, from blog posts to educational materials, designed to capture your audience.
  • Impactful videos: Customizable video resources for compelling, dynamic storytelling
  • Strategic support: Strategy documents focused on insights and advice for successful cooperative marketing.
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Website Design and Hosting

Ease of use, visibility and Search Engine Optimization are all considerations in building an online presence. Conexon designs and develops intuitive, effective co-op fiber business websites based on a user-friendly content management system that allows a co-op to easily add information and pages as the business evolves.

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A co-op’s fiber entity should have its own logo and branding, while leveraging the powerful legacy and reputation of the core business. Conexon’s creative team specializes in logo design and branding that convey a co-op’s sense of reliability and community accountability, while reflecting the progressive nature of fiber broadband.

Marketing Support

Staffing a new business with experienced marketing practitioners can be challenging – and expensive. Conexon’s expert team of marketing support managers serve as a turnkey resource for our co-op clients. We work in tandem with co-op leadership to develop and implement successful marketing initiatives, including:

  • Strategic planning aligned with network deployment
  • Campaign execution and measurement
  • Social media content creation and management
  • General communications services
  • Creative best practice implementation
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Lead Generation Tool

Conexon’s member lead generation tool allows a co-op to efficiently gauge interest in FTTH services and engage with members about offerings. Based on actual meter data and planned construction schedule, the tool allows members to enter their account number and address to indicate their interest in service. They’ll receive instant notification of when and if service will be available in their area.

Proactively gauging member interest and letting them know when service is coming helps a co-op better manage member expectations. The result? A better member experience – and higher acquisition and retention.

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A desk computer with the Conexon Connect pre-registration tool interface open. A conexon icon floats behind the computer.

"Over the years I’ve worked with electric cooperatives, I’ve consistently seen a lack of affordable, effective resources to help them market fiber networks to their members. Conexon’s turnkey marketing services answer that with a rich portfolio of customizable creative campaigns for every stage of a build, and an expert support resource, all priced to fit well within co-op marketing budgets."

Abby Carere SVP Sales, Marketing and Account Management at Conexon
Abby Carere Vice President Marketing and Sales, Conexon
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