Our Cooperative Experience Working for Your Cooperative Success

The Challenge

Building a broadband network is a massive undertaking for an electric cooperatiive, one with high rewards – enhanced member satisfaction, new business revenue and growth opportunities – and high risk.

Co-op broadband success hinges on your ability to construct and operate a new business from the ground up, without sacrificing service or investments on your electric side. For many co-ops, this creates the need for an entirely different set of skills and expertise than they currently have.

The Solution

Our construction and project management team is comprised of professionals with decades of experience in designing and constructing electric co-op fiber networks. We understand every aspect of constructing a fiber-to-the-home network and how to build and deploy it in keeping with the electric cooperative member-focus philosophy.

The Conexon team offers the expertise and experience to ensure all of the moving parts of these large, complex projects work cohesively to deploy your network on-time, at the most efficient cost and using the best technology and construction solution for your infrastructure.

Our Advantage

As your construction management partner, our primary focus is to protect your best interests. We are committed to ensuring the most cost-effective approach that will save your cooperative money in the short and long term. Our construction leadership team has worked on both the client and vendor sides of the business, an advantage that allows us to provide full visibility to the ins and outs of the construction industry, helping you understand what you should and, just as important, should not invest your money in. With our guidance, you can be assured that you will purchase only the equipment and materials you need at the price you should pay.

We’re a small co-op with limited resources.

Jack Davis

Our Conexon project manager takes a huge load off of us, doing everything from working with contractors and vendors, to doing ride-outs, pulling permits and a lot more. We always have someone there when we have questions and we can get answers right away. I don’t know how we could have done this without Conexon.

Pemiscot-Dunklin Fiber

Jack Davis
Chief Technology Officer, Pemiscot-Dunklin Electric Cooperative

We’re doing things at a very fast pace and Conexon has been our boots on the street

Tim Smith

We’re doing things at a very fast pace and Conexon has been our boots on the street, managing our network, construction and overseeing the many moving parts on a daily basis. They have been involved in preparing RFPs, coordinating our contractor and vendor selection and they’ve been out in the field with our contractors as we’re building out, verifying the completion and quality of work.


Tim Smith
General Manager, East Central Oklahoma Electric Cooperative

Our Breadth of Services

  • Fiber design: initial design, ride-out/make-ready mapping, as-builts
  • Map products: web map viewer, paper maps for each phase, and splice diagrams for construction maps
  • Vendor/contractor selection: we handle the RFP bid process for make-ready engineering, make-ready construction, material vendor and fiber construction contractor to ensure a fair and transparent process
  • Daily construction management with an on-site Project Manager
  • Construction tracking systems/portals
  • Drop construction management & tracking
  • Hut electronics installation, racks, patch panels and fiber storage solutions
  • Strand and lash versus ADSS
  • Fiber splicing
  • Financial planning and controlling
  • Web portal for tracking subscribers in the sign-up phase
  • Ad-hoc data management and analysis services on GIS data for investigating issues during construction and/or outage
  • Rate plan design for internet, phone, and television (residential and commercial)
  • Employee training
  • Resume reviewing, hiring assistance, sample job descriptions