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OEC Fiber Reaches 10,000 Subscribers Online

OEC Fiber announced today it has surpassed 10,000 subscribers online in just over a year of offering services to the public. This milestone demonstrates OEC Fiber’s commitment to serving Oklahomans with the most reliable high-speed internet, TV and phone services possible, all at a fair price.

“Reaching this milestone so quickly is a testament to our team’s dedication to serving our subscribers. On behalf of the OEC and OEC Fiber teams, we appreciate the loyalty of our subscribers and are committed to providing competitive services and outstanding local support to our neighbors and friends in the communities we serve.”


OEC’s Board of Directors launched OEC Fiber in response to a comprehensive member survey stating that many of OEC’s members were chronically unserved and underserved. Broadband access means more than movies for many Oklahomans, it marks an essential step in economic growth. Increased access to high-speed internet means that children can do their homework at home, that businesses can prosper, that families have access to telemedicine, and that economic community development is uncapped.

What began in February of 2019 with the first OEC Fiber zone opening has now evolved into often opening multiple zones at a time and connecting nearly 300 new subscribers each week. OEC Fiber’s partnership with Trans-Tel, another local Oklahoma company, has been vital to connecting subscribers so quickly. Together, they have been able to condense a five- to seven-year build into a two- to three-year build.

“We continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with this project. We see the impact that our services have on families and businesses in our local communities, and that drives us to evaluate what we can do to bring our services to new areas even faster.”


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