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Fast 50: Conexon’s rural broadband work brings high-speed growth

By Juliana Garcia  – Staff Writer, Kansas City Business Journal

Rank: No. 8
Growth 2016-2018: 162.43%

The dearth of high-speed internet service is a serious impediment to rural communities working to retain and attract residents and businesses.

So when Randy Klindt developed a lower-cost way of bringing fiber to customers’ homes for a Missouri electric cooperative, it attracted far-ranging attention.

Klindt founded Conexon LLC to help electric co-ops plan, finance and implement fiber-to-the-home projects. The Kansas City company has grown from less than $1 million in revenue in 2016 to more than $6 million in 2018. Klindt, a Conexon partner, credited two main reasons: industry education and clientele.

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