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We work exclusively with electric cooperatives to build fiber to 100% of their members and communities.


Conexon’s commitment to cooperative principles and our aim to deliver fiber broadband to rural communities across the country makes us different – and our record of success proves it.

Conexon is ready to invest, partner, and provide an end-to-end blueprint for broadband success. When it comes to bringing fiber to the home to your members, there are options. We would love to discuss possible investment opportunities that would make sense for your cooperative.

Residential Coop Fiber Construction

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What Sets Conexon Apart

At Conexon, we share your commitment to the transformative power of broadband in rural communities. Our approach is to work exclusively with electric cooperatives to launch and deploy high-speed fiber-optic networks – the gold standard of communications transmission – enabling the delivery of world-class fiber broadband to 100% of co-op members.

Our team of co-op veterans and industry thought leaders leverages decades of expertise in co-op operations, fiber-optic design and construction, telecommunications, federal and state lobbying and customer experience management to launch and operate fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) projects efficiently, affordably and reliably.



Cooperative Clients



Fiber Networks Deployed



Miles of fiber designed



Miles of fiber built annually



Rural Americans connected to
high-speed fiber internet


$1.3 Billion

in federal and state funding secured

Together, we’ve built an ecosystem specially designed to fast-track electric cooperatives’ projects and help them meet aggressive funding deadlines. We share your dedication to providing your members with accessible, affordable services and we have compiled resources with this specific goal in mind.

This ecosystem of best-in-class suppliers and resources and Conexon’s unparalleled expertise makes the difference for our investment partners, and our record of success proves it:

    • Securing CARES Act funding and supporting 7 Mississippi electric cooperatives’ broadband pilot projects to build over 2,000 miles of fiber and provide high-speed internet access to nearly 14,000 homes in less than five months.
    • Designing and building more total miles of fiber than any competitor – more than 100,000 miles designed and building 30,000 miles each year.
    • Helping co-ops construct world-class networks at significant cost savings compared to other carriers.
    • Showing co-ops how to make voice services profitable while meeting funding obligations.
    • Creating innovative turn-key solutions to simplify cooperatives’ operations, with a focus on NOC, engineering, call center services, voice solutions, and full-service marketing strategy and resources.

What Makes Conexon Connect Different

Conexon has moved beyond its core consulting and advisory capabilities with the recently launched Conexon Connect, its new Internet service provider (ISP) created to operate and manage fiber-to-the-home networks for cooperatives and investors. The debut of Connect is one more way that Conexon is transforming rural America by meeting the needs of residents and cooperatives in the heart of their communities. High-speed Internet becomes infinitely more accessible and affordable, closing the Digital Divide at last for populations previously left behind.

Conexon Connect is partnering directly with electric cooperatives to build a 100% fiber network to serve all homes and businesses in the co-ops’ territories.

Our demonstrated experience gives us the edge when it comes to educating your team and guiding your project forward. While many other fiber solutions providers offer consulting services, Conexon Connect puts our reputation and our money behind our promise: your success is our success, and we are committed to building a successful FTTH network with you.

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Who Chooses Conexon Connect


“Our electric cooperative’s leadership sees firsthand the disadvantages associated with a lack of internet service. That’s why electric cooperatives throughout the state have been actively searching for partnerships with providers like Conexon to bring high-speed internet to our rural communities so our members are afforded the opportunity to participate in today’s digital world.”

- George Weaver, President/CEO of Central Georgia Electric Membership Cooperative


“We know electric cooperatives play a critical role in connecting underserved areas and we are proud to partner with Conexon to help bridge the digital divide for our communities. This partnership will enable thousands of rural Georgians to finally access the same online connections as those in more urban areas, while allowing us to maintain focus on our core mission – providing reliable, affordable electricity to our members.”

- Michael McMillan, Southern Rivers Energy

The Conexon Story

Conexon Partner Randy Klindt is considered an electric cooperative broadband pioneer with over 20 years of experience, and is widely credited for architecting the most efficient, affordable and sustainable fiber-to-the-home design in use by electric co-ops today. There are currently two cooperatives in the country with more than 20,000 subscribers – both planned and launched by Randy. Partner Jonathan Chambers has over 25 years of telecommunications regulatory and federal funding experience and in 2018’s Connect America Fund (CAF) II, spearheaded the largest, most successful bidding consortium in the FCC’s history. In the FCC’s 2020 Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) Phase I auction, he led the auction’s largest bidding consortium – more than 90 cooperatives strong – to awards of over $1.1 billion. It was the auction’s third-highest recipient of both locations and funding, winning more states, locations and funding than any other consortium.

Together these two industry leaders have established Conexon as the premier end-to-end solutions provider in rural fiber broadband design and construction management for electric cooperatives deploying fiber internet.

Conexon Leadership Team