Ten years ago, a handful of electric cooperatives made the groundbreaking decision to once again reinvigorate rural America just as they had in the 30s and 40s – this time with high-speed internet.

The co-ops recognized the necessity of the economic, educational and societal benefits of broadband in keeping rural America vibrant and viable. As a result, they repurposed their electrical infrastructure to build fiber to the home for those they serve.

Conexon was there from the beginning, with Partner Randy Klindt designing the nation’s earliest networks and showing co-ops how broadband could be deployed efficiently and profitably. Today, these co-ops have connected more than 40,000 members/subscribers to high-speed internet and continue to find new ways to serve. We invite you to read their stories.

North Arkansas Electric Cooperative

The availability of broadband has significant impact on NAEC’s communities.

Ozarks Electric Cooperative

OzarksGo is blazing a trail that extends across Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma.

Co-Mo Electric Cooperative

The first co-op to build out a fiber-to-the-home network to 100% of its co-op membership

Callaway Electric Cooperative

Callaway’s broadband journey began in 2015 after several years of the management team and board of directors exploring ideas to jumpstart growth for the electric side.