About Us

Our Story:

Conexon Partner Randy Klindt is considered an electric cooperative broadband pioneer with over 20 years of experience, and is widely credited for architecting the most efficient, affordable and sustainable fiber-to-the-home design in use by electric co-ops today. Partner Jonathan Chambers has over 25 years of telecommunications regulatory and federal funding experience and spearheaded the largest, most successful bidding consortium in the FCC’s history. Together they have established Conexon as the leading end-to-end solutions provider for electric cooperatives serving their members and communities with fiber internet. To date, Conexon has assisted nearly 200 electric cooperatives — 50 of which are deploying fiber networks — helped connect more than 200,000 fiber-to-the-home subscribers across the U.S., and secured more than a quarter of a billion dollars in federal and state grants for its clients.

Our Mission:

In the 1930s, the country embarked on a great endeavor to bring electricity to rural America. Rural Electric Cooperatives have been serving our communities for eighty years. Our clients are embarking on the next great endeavor, bringing fiber optic internet access to rural America. The difference between the 1930s and now is not the cost to build networks, nor the technical know-how — it is the will to do so. We believe in rural America. We believe rural Americans deserve the same opportunities as the rest of the country. We believe Americans can still build things. Join the movement to Connect Rural America to true broadband access to the internet.