Conexon Connect Makes It Easier and More Efficient for Cooperatives to Launch Voice Services!

Providing voice services is a criteria for receiving federal funding for networks.

Conexon Connect provides a full suite of residential and business VoIP services to assist cooperatives in delivering quality voice service to their members. As part of our service offering, we handle the complex regulatory and taxation issues which can be a significant challenge. Our service makes it smoother and easier for you to launch VoIP without the potential pitfalls of missing or inaccurate regulatory compliance, regulatory fee calculations and the complex taxation methods of voice. We can help dramatically limit your risk associated with compliance and taxation. With Conexon Connect, there are no implementation fees or monthly service minimums.

Implementation and Operations - Conexon Connect’s team offers the end-to-end operational support to get your phone service up and running. Our support ranges from establishing business processes to determining your services/pricing/packages, implementing taxes and fees and deploying required services such as Lifeline.


The breadth of Conexon Connect VoIP services includes:

  • Hosted voice service with multiple layers of redundancy
  • Cisco ® Broadsoft ® integrated digital voice platform
  • VoIP launch planning
    • Mapping and analysis of exchange areas necessary to facilitate transfer customers existing phone numbers “port”
    • Agreements to facilitate the ability to port
  • Service Provider regulatory compliance
    • Point of sale compliance and employee training
  • Assist with determining services, pricing, packaging/bundles
  • Taxation
  • Project implementation
  • Integration management
  • Systems testing
  • Telecom training
  • Front line employee training
  • Sales support
  • Launch support
  • Ongoing taxation calculations for end customers. Facilitated by direct limited business system support access or file creation
  • Ongoing sales and regulatory fee responsibility
  • Lifeline service advertisement and support
Terie greeting a potential client

Part of the expertise Conexon brings to our project is in providing voice service…

Chad Lowder

… a requirement for securing funds from the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund. Experience and expertise in voice was very important to us because the phone side of this business is a whole different world. We have every confidence that Conexon, as our phone provider of record, will ensure a quality service for members, and effectively manage the taxation and regulatory complexities of offering voice.

Tri-County Electric

Chad Lowder
Chief Executive Officer - Tri-County Electric Cooperative

Conexon Connect’s regulatory experience, engineering expertise, and purchasing power made it the logical choice for our voice telecom service.

We desired a partner that not only could handle all of the technical details to get our service up and running quickly and easily, but would also be there with us for the long term.”

North East Mississippi

Randall Abel
Chief Operating Officer - Northeast Mississippi EPA

Offering voice is a tangled morass of deadlines and form preparation, let alone the direct costs of compliance.

Tim Johnson

The regulatory burden (of offering voice) should not be underestimated and it takes quite a bit of time and effort to comply with all of the filing requirements. Terie is a critical source of information and advice. We’re just glad we found you, Terie!”

Otsego Electric

Tim Johnson
CEO, Otsego Electric Cooperative

Federal and State Regulatory Analysis

We are highly adept at navigating the complex state and federal regulatory environment so that you don’t have to, We ensure your co-op is compliant in all areas such as 9-1-1 call routing, universal service fees, time-sensitive filings, etc.

Contract Negotiations

We are experts at drafting and negotiating the necessary contracts that must be in place with the local telephone provider/incumbent for you to provide voice. We ensure they are clear, comprehensive and favorably negotiated to protect you and your customers.

Establishing an Optimal Business Model

We help you determine the best staffing, partnerships and branding strategy for your voice service.

If done right voice will be a very profitable additional service.

Terie Hannay

In my 12 years of supporting voice services with cooperative partners, I have seen various missteps. The Conexon Connect VoIP service offering eliminates the potential for errors. With our full-service offering we not only provide the service but the training and ongoing support to ensure success.

Terie Hannay
Conexon - VP of Telecommunications Service and Veteran Telecom and Broadband Leader