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Rural Electric Cooperative Consortium becomes first electric co-op consortium to qualify for RDOF auction participation

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Congratulations to the Rural Electric Cooperative Consortium (RECC) for achieving a critical milestone in the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) process and taking one more step to close the Digital Divide!

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has deemed the RECC’s RDOF Phase I Short-Form Application “complete” – the only electric cooperative consortium application considered complete, and one of only 121 “complete” applications out of the 500+ submissions. The “complete”* designation means the RECC has met the FCC’s certification and information requirements, becoming the first electric cooperative consortium determined financially and operationally qualified to participate in the Phase I auction.

The auction, scheduled for October, will award up to $16 billion for providers to deliver broadband in rural communities. Applicants who submitted “incomplete”** applications – not meeting the FCC’s bidding qualification requirements – have until Sept. 23 to correct the deficiencies in their applications and the final number of auction bidders could number over 500 . The RECC is the largest electric cooperative consortium participating. In 2018, the RECC was awarded more than $186 million in the Connect America Fund (CAF) II auction, making it the largest, most successful bidding consortium in FCC history.

* FCC public notice : “Designation of an application as complete indicates that the applicant has provided the certifications and basic information concerning its qualifications that are required by the Commission’s competitive bidding rules and has been determined to be financially and operationally qualified to participate in the auction.”

** FCC public notice: “Each of these applications does not provide the certifications and basic information required by the Commission’s competitive bidding rules for participation in the auction, and/or the applicant has not been determined to be financially and/or operationally qualified to bid in all the states or for all the performance tier and latency combinations it selected.”


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Conexon works with Rural Electric Cooperatives to bring fiber to the home in rural communities. The company is composed of professionals who have worked in electric cooperatives and the telecommunications industry, and offer decades of individual experience in business planning, building networks, marketing and selling telecommunications. Conexon offers its electric cooperative clients end-to-end broadband deployment and operations support, from a project’s conception all the way through to its long-term sustainability. It works with clients to analyze economic feasibility, secure financing, design the network, manage construction, provide operational support, optimize business performance and determine optimal partnerships. To date, Conexon has assisted nearly 200 electric cooperatives, nearly 50 of which are deploying fiber networks, with more than 150,000 connected fiber-to-the-home subscribers across the U.S. The company has secured more than a quarter of a billion dollars in federal and state grants for its clients.

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