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August 11th, 2023

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Conexon Blog

Fix the RDOF Now (part 2)

By Conexon | March 2, 2021

Let us suppose the FCC, during the RDOF long-form application reviews, follows the wishes of scores of Senators and House members “to validate that each provider in fact has the…

Fix the RDOF now

By Conexon | February 3, 2021

Recently, the FCC received a letter from members of Congress urging it to use the RDOF long-form application process to ensure that winning bidders are capable of meeting their obligations….

The Rural Broadband Acceleration Act: An Explainer

By Jonathan Chambers | July 20, 2020

The idea started out simply enough. In January, the FCC had adopted its RDOF auction design whereby Gigabit tier bidders would win in the auction against all other bidders. In…