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Co-Mo Electric Cooperative

Broadband Subsidiary: Co-Mo Connect

Co-Mo Electric Cooperative, often cited as the inspiration for other co-ops deploying broadband, boldly launched a 2010 pilot offering members the triple play of Internet, Phone and TV. The pilot was designed and architected by Conexon Partner Randy Klindt, former general manager of the co-op’s broadband subsidiary Co-Mo Connect.

Overwhelming success and member demand convinced the co-op’s board to build out the entire network, and by 2015, Co-Mo was cash-flow positive – the first co-op to build out a fiber-to-the-home network to 100% of its co-op membership without federal grants or subsidies. Today the co-op has more than 18,000 members connected. Due to Klindt’s unique design and architecture, Co-Mo was able to construct the network, building out to all members at a low overall construction cost, making the project initially feasible, and then cashflow positive at an extremely accelerated rate.

In 2018, adding to the already positive financial picture, Co-Mo Connect joined Conexon’s electric co-op CAF II auction consortium and was awarded $22 million.

Aaron Bradshaw

“Thanks to Conexon, we were extremely successful in the auction,”

“The CAF II funding has allowed us to expand our service to meet the needs of areas that otherwise would be underserved or unserved. Although we were always on target for a successful ROI, our timelines for that are shortened considerably with the CAF II funds.”

– Aaron Bradshaw, CEO, Co-Mo Electric Cooperative

Advance preparation is crucial for the upcoming RDOF auction.

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